GHS Transition Tips

As your trusted SDS and chemical management partner, SDSpro understands that making the transition to GHS may seem overwhelming. As such, we commit to providing you with the best tools and GHS planning materials to make the transition a smooth and successful one.

Stay Informed

Bookmark sites which provide ongoing updates on GHS in the United States, Canada and internationally. Get assistance with CLP and REACH and subscribe to the European Chemicals Agency e-News for press releases, news alerts, web updates and its bi-monthly newsletter.

Mark your Calendar

Note the important GHS implementation dates for your specific country and those countries with which you do business. Also, makes plans for employee training on GHS.

Update your SDSs

All employers are responsible for providing up to date information to their employees on the hazardous properties of chemicals used in the workplace. A physical chemical audit is the first step to confirm what products used in your organization. The SDSpro Mobile Data Collector and Onsite Chemical Inventory Assessment Services are available to update chemical inventory. Sourcing and indexing SDSs follows, with the objective of the 24-7 availability of current SDSs to all employees.

GHS Safety Data Sheets and Labels

GHS has introduced new elements to the SDS, now known as the Safety Data Sheet or SDS. These standardized label elements, including hazard pictograms, signal words and hazard statements, provide the classification and labeling of a chemical product in a consistent manner. Information which may contribute to the overall hazard of the product is also provided on the SDS. As chemical manufacturers convert their existing SDSs to GHS SDS format, GHS labels will accompany these new SDSs.


Employee training on GHS will be a key factor in the success of your organization’s implementation of GHS. The end result will be improved safety for workers via their awareness of the pictograms and other information provided on manufacturers’ GHS SDSs and labels, in particular the necessary steps to protect people and the environment when responding to a chemical hazard.

Don’t be ill-prepared for upcoming GHS deadlines!
View SDSpro’s GHS Training Videos
(created in partnership with OSHA Training Services Inc.).

GHS Hazards Assessment for Chemical Manufacturers

For a given chemical substance or mixture, SDSpro Regulatory Services offers a detailed hazards assessment and GHS classification of a manufacturer’s product. This analysis report also includes data on toxicological properties, ecotoxicity and other regulatory information to help the manufacturer assess whether changes may be needed to a formulation prior to authoring a new or updated SDS, CLP and GHS label and transport document.

Count on SDSpro to help you with your company’s GHS implementation. To learn more, visit our website today or call us at 1-888-673-7776.