Mobile Data Collector (MDC)

FINALLY!  An answer to the problem, “How do we inventory our chemicals quickly and efficiently?”.

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The Requirement:

A current chemical inventory is the foundation of an employer’s compliance with its Hazardous Communications program and Right-to-Know requirements.

The Need:
  • Identify all hazardous chemicals currently onsite
  • Conduct a physical chemical inventory by location
  • Identify those chemicals eligible for disposal
  • Locate unauthorized chemicals throughout the facility
  • Ensure SDSs are available for all identified chemicals
The Challenge:

Capturing and maintaining your company’s current chemical inventory is a challenge. The Hazardous Communications Standard requires the employer to identify the physical locations of all hazardous chemical products used throughout its facility.

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The Solution:

The SDSpro Mobile Data Collector (MDC) is a lightweight portable inventory capture device. Use the Mobile Data Collector (MDC) to move throughout your facility and QUICKLY capture and record chemical names, manufacturer information, physical locations and barcode IDs, when available.  Record chemical container sizes and quantities too!

SDSpro  Mobile Data Collector (MDC)

The Details:

The Mobile Data Collector (MDC) uses a special version of the SDSpro software application, so existing SDSpro users will be familiar with its screen.  Set up physical locations prior to conducting the inventory and/or add them as you go.  Simply select the physical location (typically a storage room) and begin your physical chemical audit!

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Mobile Data Collector Software Details:
  • Designed for small screen interface
  • Extra large font for enhanced viewing
  • Search by Bar Code, Product Name, Part Number, Manufacturer Name
  • Manufacturer Name type-ahead capability when adding a Product
  • Syncs with SDSpro for direct updates to chemical inventory
  • Bar code at the Product and Container level
  • Track SARA Tier II container information
  • (Quantity, Size, Units, Type, Pressure and Temperature)
Mobile Data Collector Hardware Specifications:

SDSpro UltraMobile Software
Fujitsi Lifebook Tablet PC*
10.1″ LCD display with touch screen
2 GB SDRAM Memory
160 GB Hard Drive
Microsoft Windows 7
1 Year Manufacturer’s Warranty
1D Laser Barcode Scanner
6 cell high capacity battery
Carrying case and stylus

Features and equipment are based on availability and subject to change without notice.

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